Addendum To Grant Agreement


In addition, this step allows you to activate specific modification clauses and contractual options that can only be processed by EU services. Exception: in cases where the coordinators need to be replaced without their consent, another beneficiary (on behalf of the other beneficiaries of the consortium) shall so request. It will enter into force (i.e. the amendments to the grant agreement will begin to apply) or the „Modification Information“ tab: a „Modification Information“ tab is displayed in the grant management computer system. It contains important information, a complete list of change types, and a specific field to use to motivate the request. Modification number: Once the Commission has signed the amendment, it is automatically assigned a continuous change number (1, 2, 3, etc.). For example, an amendment bearing the reference AMD-345622-6 is assigned the number 2 when it is the second signed amendment to the grant agreement concerned. . . .

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