Collective Bargaining Agreement Austria 2020


In addition, the Federal Conciliation Office of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection may also formally recognise the collective capacity of voluntary professional organisations of employers and workers and certain other associations. Collective agreements are concluded between the employer`s representatives and the workers who are in a position to conclude such agreements. In addition to the minimum wage, they also regulate other key labour law provisions (e.g. B rules on wages, flexibility of working time and termination of the employment relationship, etc.). Clauses aimed at avoiding the recruitment of (former) employees by the employee are perceived differently. The rights and obligations arising from a collective agreement therefore apply independently of the trade union organisation of the staff. The employment of children (minors under the age of 15 or before the end of compulsory schooling, whichever is later) is in principle prohibited (according to certain provisions, children aged 12 and over who work at home or in the business of a close relative are excluded from this rule). The minimum working age in Austria is therefore 15 years. As a rule, there are no formal conditions for the conclusion of an employment contract. If both parties justify their desire to establish a permanent contractual relationship, an employment contract is concluded. Freedom of form is a fundamental element of employment contracts in Austria, i.e.

it can be concluded orally or in writing. Even in the absence of explicitly defined terms, legal and contractual conventions guarantee minimum standards of working conditions and must therefore be taken into account in any employment relationship. .

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