The National Health Service (Personal Medical Services Agreements) Regulations 2015


64ZA. Online patient services: providing online access to information encoded in the medical record and a prospective medical record 69.Provide information to a doctor, etc. 11.Stopping benefits: requests for information 6.As an essential service, which is part of any contract to provide primary medical services, must be provided by a family doctor`s office, but an individual family doctor with an objection may nevertheless refer the patient to another family doctor or health specialist who does not share the objection. If all family physicians and health care professionals object in practice, the practice may subject the service to another family physician`s office subject to compliance with regulatory requirements (in paragraph 44 of Schedule 3 of the GMS regulations and paragraph 43 of Schedule 2 on PMS regulations). A family doctor`s office is expected to enter into subcontracting agreements in advance. If the subcontractor is unable to meet the contractor`s contractual obligation. B, for example, by not immediately intervening in the emergency prevention consultation, the contractor must terminate the sub-contract. 59.Drug supply, etc., by contractors providing out-of-service services 64.Online patient services: appointments and prescriptions 7.La amendment made by Regulation 2 (b) of the 2019 Regulation therefore made sense for reception assistance services to move from additional services to basic services. This was also followed by changes to the 2019 regulations, including the amendment to Regulation 17 of the above regulations. 10.Status of the health service: modification of the agreements PART 10 Prescription and rebate: a-hours benefits PART 6 Provision of information: Practical brochure, use of the logo of primary care of the NHS, Marketing campaigns and advertising for private services PART 7 Right to a general contract of medical services 3.The department confirms that the new definition of „contraceptive services“ does not provide only a contractor who, for reasons of conscience, has objections to advice on emergency contraception (including the provision or prescription of hormonal emergency prevention drugs) and advice and transfers for unplanted pregnancies, can pass a patient to another provider of emergency medical services. The definition was published in Regulation 3 of the National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) Regulations 2015 (S.I. 2015/1862) („GMS Regulations“) („The 2019 Regulations“) („The 2019 Regulations“).

Confirm that the new definition of „contraceptive services“ in Rule 2, point b) no longer allows a contracter with a refusal of conscience to give advice on emergency contraception and unscheduled pregnancy, in order to immediately refer a patient to another primary medical service provider who does not have such an objection. 5.Before the regulatory changes introduced by the 2019 regulations, the vast majority of family physicians` offices („GPs“) provided contraceptive services as a complementary service (defined in Schedule 1 of the GMS Regulation), d. a service that a contractor can provide, the rest of the offices of family physicians who do not choose to provide these services and are therefore not required to provide information or recommendations to a patient.

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