Xperience Fitness Membership Agreement


1.2 These terms and conditions are part of your agreement with us. Your contract with us consists of your completed and signed membership agreement and these Terms 9.3 When the cooling-off period expires, you can only terminate your membership for the following reasons. The process of introducing your subscription to Xperience Fitness in a letter should look like this: 22.1 Your membership is subject to the laws of England and Wales and, if you live in Scotland, to the laws of Scotland 10.It your responsibility is to inform us of changes that may affect your membership payments before they occur in order to avoid interruptions in their access to the studio. 3.2 Your membership gives you the right to book unlimited courses through your online membership portal, depending on the affiliate option you sign up for. (a) With this payment option, you agree to be a member and pay the monthly membership fee for the full 12-month schedule. 2.1 Your agreement begins with the reference day set on your membership form. When you start, you must make the payments stipulated in the membership agreement. You cannot use the studio until you sign your membership form, make the specified payments on the form, and set up your payment details (payments are made every month on the same day). 5.4 During your membership, you must pay your dues, whether or not you draw from our facilities and services. 13.1 We may at any time withdraw a type of affiliation or payment option for new members or members who wish to change, restart or renew their affiliation or payment option. 15. „Causes or events beyond our proper control“ could include, for example, natural disasters, government actions, wars, national or regional emergencies, acts of terrorism, demonstrations, riots, fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes or other labour disputes (whether or not they affect our workforce), delays in suppliers or even unable to obtain adequate equipment. Your membership is moved into online coaching and you accept this and are part of your 12-month contract.

5.2 We set all the amounts you must pay for your membership on your membership form. To cancel your gym membership at Xperience Fitness by phone, you must try the following steps: 11.1 We will refund all refunds to you by bank transfer or check to the address you gave us on your membership form. 5.1 Your membership fees are set each month, as stated in your membership form. 3.1 We offer a 12-month membership with no membership fee. 1.3 Together these documents form a legal agreement between us, so make sure you read them and understand them carefully. If you have any questions, speak to a member of our 16.1.1 team for any type of membership, either before your membership begins or at any time of your membership; The search for the best gym that matches your fitness goals is not as simple as it sounds. You may need to meet many different channels and locations to decide which of your money is worth. If you`ve tried Xperience Fitness and found it overcrowded, un equipped or too far from your home and work, DoNotPay can help you cancel your subscription in no time. 12.1 We can terminate your membership by sending you a month in advance in writing. In January 2018, Wesolowski discovered that Xperience had charged a total of $2,605.22, including individual fees of $342.95 and $68.19. The former appear to be in favour of the training agreement, but the latter are more than the $21.99 he should have paid for membership.

Xperience Fitness is a fitness and health center with several locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Each Xperience gym offers different fitness devices for its members as well as the new Elevate program.

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